Slapper and Kelly the English Legal System Routledge 2015
30 novembre 2022

Here you will find a range of activities and exercises corresponding to the chapters of the book to give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the English legal system. These include: This latest edition of The English Legal System has been significantly updated. Slapper & Kelly can always be counted on to provide accurate and reliable coverage of the latest developments affecting the legal system in England and Wales. This latest edition of The English Legal System has been fundamentally rewritten and updated to include: an increased focus on human rights, law and morality; family law and family courts; updates on access to justice and legal aid; expanding the scope of legal services; and further reflections on alternative dispute resolution to take account of changes in practice. This latest edition has been extensively restructured and updated, providing an up-to-date and reliable analysis of recent developments affecting the legal system in England and Wales. Slapper and Kelly`s The English Legal System explains and critically evaluates how our law is fabricated and applied. This authoritative textbook, trusted by generations of academics and students, clearly describes the legal rules of England and Wales and their collective influence as a socio-cultural institution. To calculate the total number of stars and the percentage distribution per star, we do not use a simple average. Instead, our system takes into account things like updating a review and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to check for reliability. ISBN 10: 0415726344 ISBN 13: 9780415726344 Publisher: Routledge, 2014 Hardcover This book, used by generations of students, is an integral part of this ever-evolving topic.

“one of the best online resources I`ve ever seen,” Richard Lee, Senior Lecturer in Law, Manchester Metropolitan University. Law and law studies 2. Rule of law and human rights 3. Sources of law: Legislation 4. Sources of law: Case law 5. Sources of law: the European context 6. Civil courts 7. Civil procedure 8. Family Law and Courts 9.

Die Strafgerichte 10. Criminal procedure: (1) The investigation of crimes 11. Criminal procedure: (2) The Public Prosecutor`s Office 12. The judiciary 13. Legal and political arguments 14. The jury 15. Arbitration, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution 16. Legal services 17. Funding for legal services. Gary Slapper is a Global Professor at New York University and Director of New York University in London; Door Tenant, 36 Bedford Row, The Chambers of Frances Oldham QC; Visiting Professor of Law at the Open University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. ÐÐμÑ ÑлÐμкÑÑÐ3/4Ð1/2Ð1/2Ð3/4й вÐμÑÑÐ ̧Ð ̧.

“For law students in England and Wales, `The English Legal System` can rightly be described as the classic and definitive work on this vast and vast subject. Rightly, it is the reference work that law students usually turn to for an explanation of law that is reliable and factual, but encourages creativity of thought and encourages further inquiry,” Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Товар с самой низкой ценой, который уже использовали или носили ранее.. Товар может иметь признаки легкого износа, но находится в полном эксплуатационном состоянии и функционирует должным образом. Это может быть выставочный образец или товар, бывший в употреблении и возвращенный в магазин.См. подробные характеристики товара с описанием его недостатков. This particular ISBN edition is currently not available. VitalSource is an academic technology provider that allows customers to access its free bookshelf e-book reader. Most of our eBooks are sold as ePubs and can be read in the Bookshelf app. The app gives readers the freedom to access their documents anytime, anywhere, by adjusting settings like text size, font, page color, and more. To learn more about our eBooks, visit the following links: Book Description Condition: Very good. Ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in the UK. Clean and intact book without damaging the pages and without minimal wear of the cover.

Spine still tight, in very good condition. Remember, if you`re not satisfied, you`re covered by our 100% money back guarantee. Seller inventory # 6545-9780415726337. Read instantly in your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. • Sources for further reading and website suggestions at the end of each chapter to guide students to other learning paths; David Kelly, BA, BA (Law), PhD, was previously Senior Lecturer in Law at Staffordshire University. Learn more about this | Seller Contact this “Complete and detailed” seller, Murray Wesson, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds • a clear and logical structure with short, manageable and well-structured individual chapters; Customer reviews, including Product Star ratings, help customers learn more about the product and decide if it`s right for them. • an online skills network with guides, practical examples, tips, tips and interactive examples of English law in action. Description of the paperback. Status: Used; Good. **SHIPPED FROM UK** We believe you will be completely satisfied with our fast and reliable service. All orders will be shipped as soon as possible! Buy with confidence! Greener books. Seller inventory # 3610762.

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This book has soft covers. The book contains pen marks in poor condition, suitable as a reading copy. Please note that the image in this ad is an archive photo and may not match the covers of the real object, 1500 grams, ISBN: 9780415726337. Seller`s inventory #9803959. • Useful chapter summaries that serve as a good checkpoint for students. “An impressive book. the schematic rubrics are great,” Jackson Maogoto, senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. Description of the paperback. Status: Used; Good. **Simply Brit** Shipping with premium postal service within 24 hours from the UK with impressive delivery time. We shipped from our book depot; Items in good condition for more than ten million satisfied customers worldwide.

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