South Yorkshire Trading Standards Motor Trade Partnership
30 novembre 2022

Mail and phone fraud, thug trafficking and door-to-door crime often occur throughout the city and target the elderly and vulnerable and are usually not reported. A range of free advice on trade standards issues is available for businesses on the Business Companion website. Business Companion is managed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and supported by the government. You can view tips online, download fact sheets and sign up to receive updates. Our Not Born Yesterday campaign helps protect vulnerable people from fraud and fraudulent merchants. In most cases, a dispute between a consumer and a member of the partnership is due to misunderstandings or incomplete information. Usually, the best way to resolve a dispute is through an amicable settlement between the parties. The alternative could be legal proceedings, which could entail disproportionate costs, lengthy proceedings and an unpredictable outcome. It is not surprising that consumers are concerned about all aspects of the automotive trade. Trading Standards is aware that this perception is the result of practices carried out by a minority of traders, but public opinion remains skeptical.

We operate a metrological calibration system, which is available on request for calibration of mass, capacity and linear measurements. Each item submitted for calibration is returned with a fully traceable calibration certificate that is directly traceable to national standards through the National Weights and Measures Laboratory in Teddington. In addition, we have a number of standard F2 weights traceable to UKAS standards. The capabilities offered as part of the service are as follows: Sheffield Trading Standards employs a number of qualified and authorised weight inspectors. We offer verification service for a wide range of weighing and measuring instruments that must be legally tested and passed before they can be used for trading. If you are a consumer or business with a request or would like to file a complaint, report fraud or unfair business practices, you may contact Citizens Advice`s consumer service. Sheffield Trading Standards is involved in projects that protect Sheffield consumers from harm and promote a fair business environment for Sheffield businesses to help traders succeed. It is not possible for us to investigate all consumer complaints, so we focus on areas where the evidence suggests there is a problem in a particular market sector or product.

Membership in the programme is open to car retailers (new and used) and customer service representatives from the four South Yorkshire government agencies. The illicit tobacco trade harms legitimate businesses and the Community. Real retailers and the public can help us eradicate the illicit tobacco trade. Your opinion of our partner members is important. Please help us by filling out this online form below. The aim of the four South Yorkshire authorities is to develop a car trading partnership scheme that helps consumers buy with confidence and supports reputable businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to fair trade. The consumer did not first try to contact the trader to try to resolve the problem bilaterally. We also work with other organizations such as firefighters or the police. Examples of current initiatives we have taken include: By clicking Submit, you agree that we may contact you by email about this in the future.

Members must also demonstrate that they are aware of and accept their responsibilities under the following legislation: Trade Standards Services continues to receive a high number of complaints related to the purchase of vehicles. We would like to know if you have any information on the sale of tobacco products that do not comply with the relevant laws. If: The document in the Downloads and Resources section contains the terms and conditions that form the “code” of the South Yorkshire Trading Standards Services Motor Trade Partnership. Compliance with this code is mandatory for all companies. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death in Sheffield, killing around 900 people each year. We offer a range of advice and services to Sheffield-based businesses to help them comply with regulations. Whether you`re a new or established business, we can help you comply with the law by helping you get it right the first time. Our team of Trade Standards Officers can assist you in all areas of business standards law, including: Members shall, where appropriate, take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with the following criminal laws: A register of members is published and made available to the public and the media upon request. Disputes that remain unresolved after one month after the member`s first acquaintance will, if the consumer agrees, be submitted to a designated agent of the Trading Standards Service for resolution. Maintenance and repair of vehicles and other means of transport The amount in dispute is below or above the threshold required Our tobacco enforcement team enforces laws on tobacco products, including illicit tobacco products, sale to children, and packaging and display regulations. There are several warning signs that indicate a potential scam, including receiving many unwanted letters for mail-order products and sweepstakes, harassing direct sellers, or targeting the door for unnecessary property or yard repairs.

The dispute resolution process will not exceed one month from the date of notification to Trading Standards. Email: Website: 01302 737573 The consumer has not submitted the complaint to the dispute resolution body within the prescribed time limit Spare parts and accessories for vehicles and other personal means of transport Municipal officesWaterdaleDoncasterDN1 3BUUnited Kingdom The complaint is or has already been filed by another Dispute Resolution Body disputes or a court Report your concern to us or the Citizens Advice Consumer Service as soon as possible.