Stockport Borough Council Legal Department
1 décembre 2022

This section is meant to give you a good overview of some of the most important topics. However, commercial law can be complex and we strongly recommend that you consult a local lawyer before committing to legally binding contracts. Online self-service is often the fastest and easiest way to access advice. Flex Legal is a paralegal recruitment agency that connects you with temporary lawyers and paralegals for flexible service on demand. Founded in 2016, Flex Legal is the fastest growing legal services provider in the UK. We are positive, human and responsive. So far, our work has focused on both helping lawyers find flexible roles and helping legal teams that grow slightly during peak periods. At Flex Legal, we live and breathe the legal industry, so we understand how important this work is. This will always remain our heart and our main goal. As lawyers, we understand first-hand the unique pressure placed on people in our often archaic industry. This is reflected in frightening statistics, such as the fact that young lawyers work so hard that 83% of them have mental health issues. Horror stories about lack of diversity and inclusion are all too common. Lawyers are leaving the profession for which they have been trained for years.

There is clearly something wrong, and it is something we want to correct. London020 3887 67065 – 7 Tanner StreetBermondseyLondonSE1 3LEManchester0161 3021591The Express Building9 Great AncoatsManchesterM4 5ADEmail: Compliance with the law should be one of your most important considerations, and you may need to consult with a lawyer to ensure that all legal decisions are made in full knowledge of the laws that may affect your business. Request a copy of an existing tree protection order There will be no pressure and you are not obliged to purchase paid services. Our local partners were kind enough to help us and are also very eager to help you. Use the links below to make payments, report problems, make requests, and receive information about our services. ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. How to comply with the law and the details of lawyers and organizations that can help you locally. Request a filling of the garbage bin or spreading of an area Report missed garbage collection Report misrepresented waste Report a waste leak We are happy to support anyone who wants to support local start-ups in a friendly way. If you would like a free friendly consultation from a trusted local partner, please fill out the form.

These are the SRA-regulated individuals in this organization. We do not regulate that organization, but it appears on our registry because there are SRA-regulated people working here. Below is a list of SRA-regulated individuals in this organization. Alternatively, you can contact Andy Pringle at and he can help you with more information or suggest the best contact person. Read the full decision in Mr J Mayanja v Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council: 2411438/2019 – Judgment with reasons.