Synonym for Legal Case
1 décembre 2022

A court case in which a person is tried by a jury (= a group of ordinary people selected for this purpose) The formal process by which a court case is legally initiated A meeting of a court or official organization to find out the facts about something legal The process of reviewing a case before a court and making a decision, Whether someone is guilty or innocent. Disclosure is sometimes called discovery (of documents). Legally, mainly British with regard to the period of civil proceedings between the official start of the proceedings and its end. The adjective interlocutory is more commonly used in the United States. Officially, in order to prevent something like a legal proceeding from continuing when a claim or case is well-founded, a court deems it good enough to be heard legally. American a list of cases awaiting court dealing in England and Wales, actions that a court would normally expect parties to take before taking legal action a lawsuit or complaint that someone raises in court The right to ask a court or other official body to change a decision you don`t agree with in order to tell the court whether or not you are guilty of a crime Go to court to have something formally decided by law The process or act of charging someone with a crime and asking a court to judge a judge`s order to stop or delay something. an official request to a court or similar authority to change its decision “epidemic” vs “pandemic” vs. “endemic”: What do these terms mean? in England and Wales, a preliminary hearing to decide whether an offence will be tried by the Magistrates` Court or the Crown Court. In some common law countries, a short preliminary hearing to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to convict a serious crime a formal request for assistance from a court in another country to a court in another country a procedure that has not been conducted properly and needs to be restarted the process by which courts determine the meaning of certain laws and how to apply them over the period of time, Someone has been charged with a crime awaiting trial. whether a court may hear a hearing in a trial that is used to decide whether or not to admit evidence, a witness or a member of the jury. Show your appreciation with 25 more ways to say “thank you.” a process that a government organizes for political reasons and decides the outcome before the trial begins a system in which the government pays for people to seek advice on the law or be represented in court if they do not have enough money for that American A trial in which no verdict can be rendered An official attempt by a court, determine the cause of death of a person in relation to a person in remand or remand. Getting someone to have a trial to find out if they are guilty of a crime to show or make you believe that someone is guilty of a crime A trial in which a person accused of a crime negotiates with the prosecutor`s office to get a lesser charge. who has a mental illness, officially sends a second trial to the hospital in court that takes place because the first trial was considered unfair or ended without a Meteor vs.