Which Article Is Used before the Names of Newspapers
12 décembre 2022

We use the definite article when we refer to people from a particular country as a whole: the Spanish, the British, the French, the Irish, the Dutch, the Finns, the Swiss, the Vietnamese. It shows that 49 newspapers in the world have a circulation of more than one million. We use the definite article with mountain ranges, rivers, seas, oceans and canals: (1) ___ Internet is supposed to wreak havoc in newspapers, but distribution is still healthy in heavily wired countries like (2) _____ Japan and South Korea. Tokyo seems to be the capital of newspapers and has the two most distributed newspapers in the world: (3) ___ Yomiuri Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun. Tokyo has a total of four of the 10 most widely circulated newspapers in the world. Two are published from London: (4) _____ News of the World and (5) _____Sun. One is German: (6) ______ image. Two are located in China. And the other is (7) _____ Times of India. The figures in the table below come from U.S. newspapers Mondo, which cover newspapers around the world. Also, it`s important to note whether the post you`re writing about actually considers “the” part of the name.

For example, as one publisher with the pseudonym JD pointed out on the Grammar Girl website, the official name of a newspaper in the UK is Daily Mail, although when people refer to it, they usually call it “The Daily Mail”. He says it`s so difficult to keep official names clear that he`s compiled a list of publication names that note which ones contain “the” and which don`t. That`s a good idea! When I`m not sure if a publication name officially includes the word “the,” I usually look at the “About Us” page or company press releases or SEC filings — wherever they would safely use the full official name. We use “those who have buildings that have names .. from…….: the Houses of Parliament, the Great Wall of China, the Bank of England, the Tower of London, the Museum of Modern Art Whether you capitalize the word “the” when it is part of a publication name depends on the style guide you follow. According to the Chicago Manual of Style 8.170, “when newspapers and magazines are mentioned in the text, an initial `the`”, even if part of the official title is lowercase (unless it begins a sentence. Jim is right about Chicago, but how to handle openings in a new window, articles like “the” in publication names is a choice of style. For example, although Chicago recommends putting the word in lowercase letters in the names of newspapers, magazines, and magazines when writing them in a sentence, The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage and Opens in New WindowThe Associated Press Stylebook recommends using a capital letter “the” in the same situation. The style of the house prevails. How does the organization relate to itself? Do they provide identity policies for third-party media? Almost all newspapers accept them, but there are as many exceptions as there are rules when it comes to applying articles to named entities. Choose 10 countries and draw a table with the flag of this country, the capital and 3 to 4 buildings and attractions that can be found in this country. Be sure to omit all items. Cut out your table and give students the pieces they can reassemble.

Once they`ve pieced everything together, they`ll have to go through the list and decide which places need an item and which don`t. We use the definite article for countries whose nouns are plural and for countries that contain words such as states, kingdom, islands or republic. In other cases, the article is not part of the official name, but it is idiomatically appended: She writes for the Chicago Tribune, I subscribe to the South China Morning Post. Perhaps this is because many publication names are based on a common name, and we naturally add most of those names: the Wall Street Journal, not just any Wall Street Journal, just like the Royal Society, the University of Virginia, the Brisbane Lions, or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. We use “the” with newspapers: the New York Herald, the Telegraph, the Daily Post, the Sunday Times Ask students to make a list of all the places they can imagine in each of the following cities they want to visit. Decide which places need items and which don`t. We do NOT use the specific article with individual mountains or lakes: (18) ____ The New York Times ranks 53rd on the list with a circulation of over 950,000. No other U.S. publication is on the list of the 100 most widely circulated newspapers in the world. If you look at the list, you will see that there is only one from (19) ___ Middle East – (20) ____ Egyptian Al-Ahram – and none from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and the South Pacific.